American Institute of Science and Technology

American Institute of Science and Technology

The American Institute of Science and Technology (AISAT) exists for the purpose of partnering with accredited colleges and universities to help develop educational programs specifically catering to international students. Our liaisons work within the science and technology industries and academic to provide real-world experiences for those attending the program, while also focusing on the needs of these industries for future curriculum development.

AISAT offers diverse financial assistance and scholarship programs coordinated to the chosen program of study. AISAT offers services to partnering universities for identifying appropriate exchange programs.

The staff of the AISAT includes highly skilled degreed professors with extensive experience in the science and technological industries and academic. AISAT provides partner universities innovative teaching methods and supportive interaction with participants.



We are the proud sponsor of several exchange programs between U.S. and China.

NYTech students at the exchange program won the 1st place at Shanghai film competition.

Scholarship program for Fall2012-Spring2013 is underway. Applications can be download from AISAT site for members.

For the third year, we are the proud sponsor of Basking Ridge local Chinese school. To access Chinese school, please click here.






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